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Forest Glen

Forest Glen

Forest Glen

With 134 square meters and 39 cubic meters of embedded wood, this house is mounted on 50 Easy Pads, perfectly replacing the traditional concrete foundation.
The framing structure of the external walls measures 45x150mm and is insulated with 150mm Isover Domo.
Our client chose Rothoblaas Vlies 120 membrane for vapour control, followed by a 12.5mm plasterboard. 12mm OSB and a Rothoblaas Transpir 110 membrane were used, completing the wall with 28mm vertical cladding.
The interior walls have a 45x100mm framing structure insulated with 100mm Isover Domo, to which 12mm OSB and 12.5mm plasterboard were applied.
The entire house kit was purchased from us, including the carpentry in an anthracite grey colour, which harmonizes the aesthetics of the whole house with the surrounding landscape, turning it into a quiet and comfortable retreat.




United Kingdom