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Wooden Oasis

Wooden Oasis

Wooden Oasis

We have noticed your appreciation for our mobile homes and are excited to offer you another reason to like them even more: Quality Control!
Ergio’s prefabricated mobile homes undergo rigorous quality control inspections. Our manufacturing process is certified and closely monitored by an external auditor. ERGIO uses KPIs and modules integrated into the manufacturing process to check and control each work point. Each milestone is controlled individually and manually for manufacturing defects and with the help of ERP for quantity control.
The result of this process can be seen in today’s project. We are talking about a mobile home that spans around 120 square meters and incorporates about 35 cubic meters of wood.
The exterior walls have a 45×150 framing structure, mineral glass wool as an insulation layer, a membrane for controlling the passage of water vapour, plasterboard, 12 mm OSB boards and a highly breathable membrane designed to optimise wind tightness by limiting the unconditional passage of air to protect the structure.
The exterior walls are finished with a 28mm cladding, horizontally plated.
The interior walls have a framing structure of 45x100mm, a layer of mineral glass wool with a vapour control membrane, 12mm OSB sheets and plasterboard.
At Ergio, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we take great care in ensuring that every project we undertake is at the utmost precision and attention to detail!

120 m2