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Jose Manises

Jose Manises

Jose Manises

Proud moment for the Ergio team as we unveil a fantastic project assembled in marvellous Spain
This is a 180 sqm house with a flat roof and distinctive design. The project draws inspiration from the city of Manises, Valencia, which combines traditional and modern architectural styles. The town is known for its picturesque whitewashed houses, geometric patterns, and nature-inspired designs, which all influenced the creation of this house.
Quality is what we pursue, and we have carefully considered every constructive detail with this in mind.
The framing structure of the exterior walls measures 150x45mm, and it’s insulated with Knauf Unifit mineral wool followed by OSB boards and a Rothoblaas Vapor In 120 membrane to control the passage of water vapour in wooden structures and houses. One side of the exterior walls was finished with a 12.5mm plasterboard, and the other one with polystyrene and decorative plaster. The interior walls have a framing structure measuring 100x45mm, Knauf Akustik Board mineral wool insulation – sound absorbent, OSB sheets, plasterboard and white paint.
Overall, we prove once again that our buildings are made with the heart of a matador, strong and bold!



Valencia, Spain