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Riverside Retreat

Riverside Retreat

Riverside Retreat

Did you know that the future of housing is going green, prefabricated and mobile?
In a world where flexibility and sustainability matter more than ever, the mobile living revolution is changing the game in the housing industry.
Imagine a construction that can adapt to your changing needs and leave a minimal carbon footprint. That’s the promise of prefabricated wooden mobile homes.
Our latest project in the UK is no exception. Here are some interesting technical details about it.
The foundation on the concrete slab was successfully replaced with the Easy Pads system, more precisely, 45.
The exterior walls have a framing structure that measures 45x150mm, mineral glass wool with an acoustic role, a vapour control membrane for controlling the passage of water vapour in timber structures, plasterboard, 12mm OSB boards, a highly breathable membrane, finishing the external walls with 28mm panelling vertical plated.
The interior walls’ framing structure measures 45x100mm, including mineral glass wool insulation, a vapour control membrane, 12mm OSB boards and plasterboard.
With innovations in design and construction, wooden mobile homes are redefining how we think about housing. They’re not just places to live; they’re a lifestyle choice.

91 m2


Windermere, Cumbria, UK