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Welcome To Ergio Wooden Construction Factory

Because the wood construction industry is dynamic and in constant development, it determines the future to be challenging. That is precisely why we always try to overcome our limits and offer our partners endless opportunities to grow their businesses.

Technology is closely related to development and progress, and at Ergio, there's nothing like having the best machinery available with a touch of human ingenuity.


Working Process


Planning Stage

The process starts in the marketing & sales department, where the first discussion occurs. From this moment, the project idea takes shape, the offer is prepared upon receipt of the architects' drawings, and any specific requirements or optional elements are discussed.


Design Process

We have an experienced team of timber design engineers who will turn every project into a benchmark in wooden construction.


Execution Phase

Ergio invests daily not only in technology but also in the training of our employees, when it comes to manufacturing wood products. We have an annual production of over 280 houses, with 4500 cubic meters of wood embedded annually in our products. We want to keep our production size at optimum capacity, as it ensures a manufacturing rate with the lowest possible cost.


Completed Projects

We try to offer the best solutions to our partners, not only by selling a product, but also by giving them the confidence and certainty that they have made the best choice by working with us.


ERGIO uses an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to ensure compliance with deadlines and quality requirements of delivered products. The program ensures both precisions in the execution of the parts and guarantees the shipment of complete products.

ERGIO’s ERP uses Raspberry PI devices to track the factory’s production process by collecting important KPIs from the company’s operational processes. With the Drupal backend, the software is able to measure the production and the costs associated with each product, taking into account well-selected KPIs.

As a software design, ERGIO uses CADWORK. Cadwork is the world leader in software and 3D CAD / CAM solutions for wood, framing and carpentry.

Our factory works constantly to maintain high standards. That is why we pay great attention from the beginning of the manufacturing process by properly drying the raw material. We use a NARDI dryer for the drying process, thus reducing the moisture content of the wood before processing it.

Drying conditions vary depending on the type of wood that is dry and the destination of the final product, so the temperature is adjusted according to these specifications. The appropriate humidity of the wood used in construction guarantees the quality of our products.

CNCs are used for high manufacturing accuracy and are controlled by external computers that handle all operations. These machines offer a 99% precision margin and are equipped with rotating heads in four axes, which allow angular cutting on all surfaces.

The SCHOLZ autoclave is used in the treatment of materials under pressure. ERGIO uses a treatment to increase the sustainability of wood that comes into direct contact with the ground or in areas of excessive humidity. Deep impregnation of wood represents an essential advantage of structures treated in an autoclave; thus, the wood will be protected both externally and internally, leading to a substantial increase in the lifespan of wooden elements and resistance to external factors and microorganisms.

The MobiOne automatic timber frame panel line has a pneumatic laser beam to align the pillars, formwork station, hammer clamp, running device, operator protection line, exhaust units, and Butterfly butterfly table, which allows the production of long panels, up to 6 meters. This machine is accompanied by computers with touch screen monitors so that operators can use them easily.

ROBOT-Drive is one unit for all work steps. The ROBOT arm is equipped with a tool changer that moves around the part to allow it to be processed on all sides, angles and inclinations. The machine offers various options such as drilling units, slot cutters, a labelling system, and a label printer; in total, the Robot-Drive has 16 different tools. The tools are selected and managed in the Hundegger production program CAMBIUM. Additionally, a five-axes high-performance saw/slot unit with an integrated marking device makes the ROBOT-Drive even faster, and it’s pivoted through 360° and at the same time tilted by 180°.

Product quality at Ergio is reflected in how our team prepares, manufactures and distributes every construction. We are accredited and use only certified materials. The operational ERGIO manufacturing process is certified and closely monitored by an external auditor to always be up to date with all the rules in force in Romania and the EU so that you can benefit from the guarantee of high-quality products.

ERGIO uses KPIs and modules integrated into the manufacturing process to check and control each work point. Each milestone is controlled both individually and manually for manufacturing defects and with the help of ERP for quantity control.

Wood Material Certifications

  • -fir or spruce species, from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland) and Romania, PEFC, FSC certified material, resistance class C24, SR EN 14081-1 + A1: 2011
  • -the wood is evaluated and CE verified and meets the requirements of SR EN 14081-1 + A1: 2011
  • -GL24 Certificate – GLUED LAMINATED TIMBER AND GLUED SOLID TIMBER SR EN 14080: 2013 (EN 14080: 2013)
  • Design and Production Process Certifications
  • -SRAC – Certificate of conformity of factory production control
  • -SRAC – Certificate for the design and production of wooden products (prefabricated wooden houses |, garden furniture). Raw wood processing and impregnation
  • Quality Management Certifications
  • -ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management
  • -LEI Certificate 

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