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San Vicent de Castellet

San Vicent de Castellet

San Vicent de Castellet

One could easily assume that this project originates from Spain based on its flat roof.
In this climate, flat roofs are advantageous as they offer practical and functional outdoor living space, with rooftop terraces often used for relaxation, socializing, and gardening.
If you wish to delve into technical details, we can discuss the exterior walls, which consist of a framing structure measuring 150x45mm, insulated with Knauf Unifit 035 mineral wool. Additionally, 15mm OSB boards were added to both sides, followed by another layer of Knauf FKD-S insulation.
The interior walls have a 100x45mm framing structure, 100mm Knauf Akustik Board insulation, and 15mm OSB boards.




San Vincent de Castellet, Spain