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Oscar y Georgia

Oscar y Georgia

Oscar y Georgia

This exciting project is built to last, with high-quality materials and sturdy construction, providing comfort and safety for life.
The interior wall has a 100x45mm fire-resistant framing structure, insulated with 100mm Knauf Akustik Board mineral wool, on top of which 15mm OSB boards were applied. The exterior wall is a mixed facade featuring a combination of larch wood and a Thermo system, which adds a touch of modern design to the building.
The exterior wall with a larch wood facade has a framing structure of 150x45mm, PLE Isover 150mm insulation, applied on one side a Rothoblaas Vlies 100 membrane and the other side a Traspir 110 membrane.
The Thermo system facade has a 150x45mm framing structure, PLE Isover 150mm insulation, Rothoblaas Vlies 100 membrane, 18mm OSB and Knauf FKD-S 60mm mineral wool.




Barcelona, Spain