Glamping by ERGIO

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ERGIO Glamping comes with the desire to adapt to the new changes that are taking place worldwide in all industries. We want to bring solutions and services to our partners in a constant way.

One of the main changes will be made in the HORECA industry. Therefore, we come with a new range of products that will help our partners and will also have an impact on stimulating the sale of wooden houses, more exactly the camping type.

Based on ERGIO’s market study, we noticed a change in consumers attitude towards holiday trends. They focus in booking locations where they have outdoor access and a design that would offer more space to the interior through generous glazed spaces and the use of wood for interior design. Another important aspect is also the feeling of security that is gained through social distancing.

In this manner, we want to balance both the ecological environment and the health safety of those around us, through a range of products created especially for this mindset.

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