Constructive solutions and optimizations


ERGIO offers builders, real estate developers and distributors wooden constructions at the highest quality standards, în line with the norms and technical characteristics required by our country-specific collaborators. Our goal is to add value to our partners and provide all the necessary support to deliver products that represent business cards for us and our partners.


We provide the below products and services for our partners.

  • Timber Frame Structures
  • Full Timber Frame Pannels
  • Nordic System
  • Complementary Products
  • Cost studies
  • Technical support


We are a dynamic company constantly looking to innovate and to grow.

  • More than 50 passive houses
  • More than 10.865 completed projects
  • 3 ongoing innovation projects in construction and IoT
  • 2nd in the world for the innovation în wooden structure at Dubai International Competition, Solar Decathlon 2018

ERGIO'S Constructive solutions and optimizations SOLUTIONS

Wood is the most efficient building material discovered so far, followed by light metal structures. In addition to this advantage, ERGIO offers its partners a team of specialists with the know-how of over 28 years who are constantly looking for the most efficient methods in the wooden construction industry. The ERGIO team wants to use wood as efficiently as possible and to minimize losses out of respect for the environment but also to avoid unnecessary extra costs for our partners.

Our goal is to offer a profitable business opportunity while delivering a product of the highest quality. That's why the ERGIO team works closely with architects, project managers, and structural engineers, offering recommendations in terms of wood optimization and technical solutions.


Take a few minutes and send us your requirements and we will be back with a costumed solution.