CLT & ERGIO is a collaboration between ERGIO and COSTYEDIL

which promotes mixed construction, Timber Frame and CLT.

Costi is an expert in house and block construction in CLT, representing KLH® Austria, with over 15 years of experience in the field. The quality of the executions and the precision of his works made him internationally recognized and appreciated

KLH® Austria is the world's largest manufacturer of CLT. Research on this product began in 1996 in cooperation with the Technical University of Graz. Thus, KLH® was a pioneer in CLT. The CLT panels produced by KLH® hold all the certificates required by the European Community and by the international institutions in the field of wooden constructions. You can find out more by visiting the KLH® website.

This initiative arose from the desire to meet a new demand on the European market and to offer our partners the opportunity to benefit from a complete solution designed from start to finish in the two construction systems.

The use of CLT in construction offers the possibility of expanding in height without the need to oversize the framing structure to meet the requirements of strength and thus optimize costs for our partners.

Also, the use of CLT floors reduces the installation time by up to 50%, being much easier to install compared to lamellar beams or solid beams.

The CLT can also have a decorative role in a house where the wood is visible, offering the possibility to make a unique design directly from the structure, without the need for other operations to achieve this effect.



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