Considering we want to satisfy all the needs of our clients, we made the necessary improvements in order to deliver the best products  therefore we can proudly say we are accredited and use only certified materials. ERGIO’s manufacturing operational process is certified and closely monitored by an auditor în order to always be up to date with all the rules in force, both in Romania and in the EU, so our partners can benefit from the guarantee of products at the highest standard quality.

In terms of certifications, our company owns the following:

  • Certificate of constancy of performance Glued laminated timber and glued solid timber and prefabricated structural members type frame  attest that all the products we sell have high strength and rigidity, and their weight ratio and load-bearing capacity are stronger than steel. For our products we mainly use fir or spruce species, from the Nordic countries, certified materials, C24 class resistance. We produce glue laminated timber, GL24 certified strength class, a material that has a great number of qualities and is  used in most types of construction and also behaves very well in earthquakes and has good resistance to moisture and corrosion.


  • SRAC - Certificate of conformity of factory production control provides confidence for partners that we try to find the best solutions in terms of product quality  and cost optimization during the manufacturing process.


  • SRAC - Certificate for the design and production of wooden product, raw wood processing and impregnation assures the partners that all elements are designed and produced with utter precision and every part of the project we develop together is efficiently built.
  • Quality Management System fulfilling  ISO 9001:2015 requirements offers our partners the certitude that we focus on meeting their requirements, always searching for the best and the most cost-effective solutions and we always strive to improve our standard quality by coming up with new ideas.


  • FSC COC Certification FSC-STD-40-004, V3.0, provides the guarantee that the wood we use in our products comes from forests which are sustainably managed, on the basis of social, economical and ecological criteria.

Ergio is a  firm believer of growth and continuous improvement and our main goal is sustainable profitable growth, that is the reason we strived to  obtain products at their highest standards of quality.