Our goal is to find the best solutions for our partners.

Because we are aware of the importance of technology in our lives, we started the ERGIoT research project. Through this, we want to integrate part of the technology directly in the structure of the houses produced by us, at the request of our partners.

Compared to other providers of such products and services, our devices are created from scratch, with the advantage of better interconnection compared to the need for multiple hubs or gateways due to the various IoT solutions on the market. This will make it much easier to add a new device without altering the existing infrastructure. A concrete example, you already have some Philips Hue bulbs, some Sonoff smart plugs, a Netatmo weather station and you want to interconnect them to create standalone scenarios, an example would be the automatic lighting of the bulbs and the lowering of the blinds at dusk and starting the irrigation system when no rain is expected in the next few days. This is very difficult to do due to differences in connectivity between different manufacturers, requiring the purchase of other expensive Gateways, often unstable or with low security.

Our solution is based on the use of ESP8266 or ESP32 microcontrollers, integrated into a custom device created and developed in our company, called ERGIoT, with a large number of different connected sensors (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2 level, AirQuality, vibration, noise level, various gases, ultrasonic, smoke, flame, flood, etc). The sensors are produced by renowned companies (Bosch, Siemens, SenseAir, Schneider, Honeywell, etc.) and comply with industrial precision. Due to a large number of protocols and layers supported by ERGIoT (I2C, SPI, I2S, UART, CAN-BUS, MQTT, LoRa, LAN, USB, WiFi) you can use an impressive range of sensors and actuators, control devices or purchases of data.

Another important aspect in favor of ERGIoT is the possibility of their interconnection between different sites. Thus, the concept of "twin houses" becomes real, two neighboring houses can share important resources. For example, if the internet connection of the first home is temporarily compromised, ERGIoT devices will use the internet connection of the second home until the problem is fixed. Similarly, a burglary, flood, or fire alarm can be sent instantly to neighbors to speed up the necessary measures.

All you need is the imagination of the beneficiary! We can offer concrete, stable and safe solutions to bring a unique added value both for our partners and for the beneficiary, transform the ERGIO house into an ERGIoT, a smarter, more comfortable, and more economical one.

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