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Collbato Gandesa

Collbato Gandesa

Collbato Gandesa

This house is 141 square meters and encompasses approximately 22 cubic meters of wood.

The exterior walls are composed of 150 x 45 mm structure studs, 15 mm OSB, Knauf Unifit 035-150 mm as insulation material, and Proclima Intello Plus membrane to protect the structure against moisture damage. The framing structure of the interior walls has different dimensions: 60 x 45 mm/100 x 45 mm, 50/100 mm Knauff Akustik Board and 15 mm OSB.

Our partner requested exposed laminated glue beams for the roof, an intelligent membrane Proclima Intello Plus, 200 mm Knauf Unifit mineral wool, 18 mm OSB and a highly breathable membrane Traspir 150 rothoblaas, ​​all the elements being assembled on the wall panels directly from the factory. The entire framing structure of the house received under pressure fire retardant treatment in our autoclave.




Barcelona, Spain