Descopera sistemele constructive din lemn in diversitatea lor alaturi de ERGIO. ERGIO iti ofera realizarea proiectului adaptat 100% la cerintele tale, ocupandu-ne de acesta cu intreres si profesionalism de la inceput pana la final.

Intregul proces este, asadar, simplu pentru tine ca partner al nostru deoarece specialistii ERGIO au grija atat de procesul de fabricatie cat si de asigurarea celor mai bune materiale aditionale.

Va invitam sa descoperiti mai multe despre ERGIO si despre CASELE ERGIO!

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At ERGIO, we promote quality first. Starting with our wood, that is brought only from nordic forests, which, as we know, are the top forests in wooden industry, known for high quality proprerties, till the additional materials from our parteners. These are known as top materials in insulation and finishing. In this list, you will find Isover, Fermacell, Rothoblass, Egger.

Our factory tries everyday to keep the standards high. For this, near the autoclave and our CNC machines, you will find our wood dryer, a real independent building that is used only for wood working. This dryer reduces the moisture content of wood before it/s use. The drying conditions are varied according to the type of the timber beeing dried. The dryer chamber is then a big advantage for our final products.

CNC is used for high precision manufacturing with external computers managing the operations. These machines represent true remote control work centres for woodwork. These machines deliver high precision operations and are equipped with swinging heads able to rotate along five axes, which also allows to perform an angular cut on all the surfaces. If we could consider finished and coated wood as a fine cloth, CNC would be the “tailor” of the custom-made suit.

As latest acquisition in technology we are proud of is the fully presure treatment autoclave. At our client demand we can treat the products under pressure, with treatment sollutions quality cerificates, that increase sustainability of wood that comes in directly contact with the ground.

The main advantage of pressure treated products compared with other ways to impregnate them is that this under pressure system penetrate deep into the wood and the product is protected against damage both, interior and exterior and this significantly increase the sustainability of life for the wood.

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