Why wood
is a choice
of excellence?

It is a very hard, durable material, able to withstand the high stresses and thermal excursions.

Allows a great protection against atmospheric agents, ensuring a longer life for the structure.

The expertise and know–how developed over the years in designing and projecting wooden structures, together with the desire to add estethic and technological value to the buildings, increased, in the last 10 years the rate of wooden construction.

The accurate control of each phase of the production and the set of certifications obtained over the years, offers the possibility to manufacture a product in compliance with the highest quality and technological standards.

What are the advantages of wood

- Static improvement: an increase of lift due to additional and more effective distribution of loads on surfaces
- Increased protection against atmospheric agents: which improves the durability of structures
- Design improvement: elimination of small surface imperfections characteristics of laminated wood production cycles
- Reduction of maintenance work related to the increased surface weather protection

These advantages make wood an excellent material, unique in its chracteristics, combining efficiency and beauty ensuring optimal performance on buildings. Architecturally versatile


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